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You can also use rotisserie chicken in place of turkey.

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After a day of eating probably just a bit too much, this simple salad makes for a nice, lighter change and uses up your leftovers, too. Salty-sweet and full of fresh crunch, these wraps are a tasty way to pack in a serving of vegetables that the kids are sure to love. This is the perfect lunch to make ahead of time and pack for a long trip.

Serve these turkey and Swiss wraps with a carrot salad for a healthy and kid-friendly lunch. The wholesome, balanced lunch will keep you fueled and ready for the day. If you're looking for a spicier post-holiday meal, this veggie-packed curry stew certainly fits the bill. The mashing step thickens the broth; you can skip it for a looser stew. This main-dish salad combines two likely holiday leftovers: turkey and cranberry sauce.

Pancetta is uncured Italian bacon; look for it in the deli section of your grocery store. You can substitute bacon, though, if you prefer. Crowd-pleasing white bean chili calls for canned beans and chicken broth, making prep convenient plus you already know you have the turkey in your fridge. This savory bread pudding is the answer to holiday dinner leftovers, making use of extra turkey and bread.

Fresh mandarin oranges, riesling, and orange marmalade provide the highlights for the sweet profile, while crushed red pepper adds the spicy kick to this Asian-inspired turkey dish. Serve with hot steamed rice as an accompaniment to soak up the delicious sauce.

Smoked Turkey Recipe - How To Smoke a Whole Turkey

While usually an ingredient in moles, roasted pumpkinseed kernels add another layer of nutty flavor to this posole-style broth. Look for them in specialty markets and health-food stores. Substitute ancho chile powder if guajillo is unavailable. Vatapa is a rustic Brazilian stew, a fiery blend with beer, coconut milk, and ground peanuts as its base. Made with leftover turkey, it's a snap to prepare.

Recipe Video: Wild Turkey Leg Poutine

Leftover turkey provides the meaty backbone for this pizza, while prosciutto adds its salty savoriness and arugula contributes a slight bitterness and crunch. Fontina, though it's not a traditional pizza cheese, has a mild and nutty flavor that's nice here but you can substitute mozzarella if you want. This fresh, bright salad takes Thanksgiving leftovers on a trip East. And after the big day, you'll welcome its lightness. Andouille sausage adds a kick to the Cajun classic from Louisiana. Rice and shredded turkey absorb a flavorful mixture of tomatoes and spices until they're bursting with flavor.

Inject some new flavors into your holiday leftovers with these innovative turkey and mushroom hash cakes. This creamy turkey soup recipe has distinctly Asian influences. Flavored with curry and sweetened with coconut, it's a tasty way to use leftovers from the holiday bird. You may need a knife and fork to eat this sandwich. Serve with a side of cranberry sauce and sweet potato chips. For a twist, try Cambozola cheese a mixture of soft, rich Camembert and zingy Gorgonzola blue cheese instead of Brie.

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Mayonnaise Roasted Turkey Recipe

April 13, Related Posts. Borough Market to launch new sustainable dining space. Tags: Spirit of the Week. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I love that it frees up my oven for all the other things and the roaster sits nicely on my washing maching.

Turkey History & Other Facts

It even browns in there, so no broiling has ever been necessary! I'm so glad you've shown everyone this. Thanksgiving doesn't have to be so complicated! November 22, at AM. I just did a whole turkey breast because it was only my husband and myself. The turkey browned up nice and looked like it belonged in a magazine and I have the pictures to prove it!!

Thank you soooooooo much for posting this!! It was so moist, and not dry! The leftovers were fabulous!! November 30, at AM. We cooked an We put herbs and butter under the skin and an onion and herbs inside. After about 3 hours on high we flipped the bird over.

After 6 hours we had a very moist bird.

How to Dry Brine and Roast a Turkey Perfectly – A Chef’s Secret Recipe

Thanks for the idea! December 16, at PM. I'm not a regular blog reader but I came upon your site after a quick Google search for "turkey in a crock pot. December 25, at PM.

Wild Turkey and Peach Caprese – The Wild Feast

I was also wondering about the breast-side up versus down thing. When I cook beef in the crockpot, I always try to keep the fat on top so it drips through the meat and keeps it moist and juicy think brisket. In the oven, when I've roasted a whole chicken, I keep the breast side down for the same effect; In her whole turkey recipe, Elise of Simply Recipes also recommends cooking breast side down to prevent the white meat from drying out. Here, cooking a whole turkey in the crockpot, it seems unlikely that the the turkey would dry out - white meat or dark meat.

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However, the crockery itself is hottest at the bottom and sides; that's why I was always taught to put potatoes and root vegetables at the bottom and meat there. Maybe the Turkey Experts recommend the dark meat go against the crockery since dark meat needs to reach a higher internal temperature than light meat. But I don't know whether this would be necessary.

November 8, at PM. Stephanie, you saved our dinner! We had ordered a new stove my oven doesn't work at all which was scheduled to be delivered yesterday 3 days before Thanksgiving. The night before, we got an email saying it was now back-ordered was in stock when we ordered it.. Hmmm I'm going to try either a turkey breast or small whole turkey in my 7 qt pot.

I love your blog! My husband and kids say "Thanks! November 24, at AM. I made this last night with our free grocery store turkey and it turned out delicious! Mine totally fell apart when I took it out though. I don't know how you got it out in one whole piece. Oh well, it wasn't for thanksgiving so it didn't need to be presentable.

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November 25, at AM. Hi Ellie, I'm so glad you enjoyed the turkey! As for getting it out of the crock, it was tricky! We have one of those huge flat metal spatulas and Adam slid it under the bird, then I used a regular pancake spatula on each end and we lifted together. As it was, the wings and legs practically fell off, so I just laid them over the top for the picture. It's sure a nice moist turkey! Actually, all poultry should be cooked to degrees in order to prevent food bourne illnesses such as samonella.

February 20, at AM.