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Baker Administration and state officials: Governor Baker, Lt. Reprinted from BackChannel. Read the original article. Local residents, businesspeople, educators, legislators and community leaders talk about the challenges for Western Massachusetts of inadequate broadband — and the possibilities that a state-of-the-art fiber-to-the-home network would offer.

Read More. Who is WiredWest? As you may know, in late Governor Baker placed a […].

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May Full Issue. All Stories. Work Life Common mistakes people make when having a hard conversation at work As a leadership expert, I help people negotiate these high-stakes situations frequently. These are the recurring issues I see. News Mental health symptoms? Work Life A simple thank-you note is a powerful tool—and history proves it How a humble expression of gratitude has persisted throughout history—and yet another reason why you should write one.

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Video How to manage up when you have a bad boss It can get quite challenging to deal with a difficult boss. Whether the person you work for is a micromanager or incompetent, you still have to make the best of the situation and get your job done. Here are three tips to communicate clearly with your boss. He thinks regularly meeting with junior staffers—and asking for their feedback—helps make him a stronger leader.

Video The secret weapon in Fast Company's latest redesign Americans used to consume their news from just one source. Now, U. It has been made available in white, black, red, and blue colors, as well as other limited edition colors.


Besides standard colors, "special" and "limited edition" Xbox One controllers have also been sold by Microsoft with special color and design schemes, sometimes tying into specific games. On June 15, , during its E3 press conference, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller, a new controller which Xbox division head Phil Spencer described as being "an elite controller for the elite gamer".

It features a steel construction with a soft-touch plastic exterior, along with interchangeable rear paddle buttons with either short or long forms , analog stick tops original Xbox one stick, a convex dome, and an extended version for increased accuracy , and directional pad designs either the traditional four-way design, or a concave disc-like design , and "hair trigger locks" for the triggers that allow users to reduce the amount of distance they must be pressed to register a press.

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  • Through software, users can customise button and paddle mappings and adjust the sensitivity of the triggers and analog sticks. Two button profiles can be assigned to a switch on the controller for quick access. The Elite Controller was released on October 27, A special Gears of War 4 -themed limited edition variant of the Elite controller was unveiled during Microsoft's E3 press conference.

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    It features a rustic, dark red color scheme with a blood splatter effect and the series emblem on the rear of the controller, and a D-pad disc with weapon symbols corresponding to the in-game weapons bound to these controls. A White Special Edition of the controller was announced on August 29, Although a revised Elite controller was leaked early in incorporating functional changes, the White Special Edition was another cosmetic variant of the original Elite.

    Plans for a revised version of the Elite controller were leaked in January , with a number of new features, including USB Type C connector, and other hardware improvements such as three-level Hair Trigger Locks, adjustable tension for the thumbsticks, revised rubber grips, three user-defined profile settings, and Bluetooth connectivity, which had been introduced with the revised Xbox One S controller in Upon its release in October , it was supported only by Windows Drivers for Windows 7 and 8. Windows 10 features include button remapping for the Elite Controller, audio through the controller, and firmware updates.

    On Windows 7 or 8.

    Xbox One controller

    An adapter for 2. A keyboard chatpad attachment, similar to the Xbox Messenger Kit , was unveiled at Gamescom on August 4, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: List of Xbox One controller special editions. Retrieved June 14, November 18, Retrieved April 9, Retrieved February 1, Retrieved June 11, Retrieved January 10, Retrieved May 26, May 21, Retrieved May 22, Retrieved June 12, PC World. Retrieved May 8, The Verge.