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Minimalism and Deflationism about Truth in Philosophy of Language. Direct download 5 more. Direct download. Jazz in Aesthetics. Direct download 8 more.

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Ontology in Metaphysics. The Objects of Perception in Philosophy of Mind. Semantics in Philosophy of Language. Evolutionary Biology in Philosophy of Biology. Mathematical practice prompts theories about aprioricity, necessity, abstracta, and non-causal epistemic connections.

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But it is not clear what to count as the data: mathematical necessity or the appearance of mathematical necessity, abstractness or apparent abstractness, a prioricity or apparent aprioricity. Nor is it clear whether traditional metaphysical theories provide explanation or idle redescription.

This paper suggests that abstract objects, rather than doing explanatory work, provide codifications of the data to be explained. It also suggests that traditional rivals—conceptualism, nominalism, realism—engage different Explanation in Mathematics in Philosophy of Mathematics. Mathematical Platonism in Philosophy of Mathematics. Direct download 10 more.

Artworld Metaphysics

A way to dispel at least some of the suspicion is to provide a naturalistic interpretation of the semantical machinery. My goal here is precisely that.

More specifically, I provide a behavioristically acceptable interpretation of david lewis' counterpart theory. Reference to worlds and counterparts is construed in sober, Quinean terms.

Jerry Saltz: The Art World Problem

The result is a "metalinguistic" construal of counterpart semantics, And thus, Of modality. Having shown that counterpart theory rests on no dubious philosophical assumptions, I briefly explore some of the metaphysical consequences of the resulting theory of modality. Counterpart Theory in Metaphysics.


Artworld Metaphysics turns a critical eye upon aspects of the artworld, and articulates some of the problems, principles, and norms implicit in the actual practices of artistic creation, interpretation, evaluation, and commodification. Aesthetic theory is treated as descriptive and explanatory, rather than normative: a theory that relates to artworld realities as a semantic theory relates to the fragments of natural language it seeks to describe.

Robert Kraut examines emotional expression, correct interpretation and objectivity in the context of artworld practice, the Aesthetics and Emotions in Aesthetics. Music and Emotion in Aesthetics. Musical Works in Aesthetics.

Artworld Metaphysics

Essentialism and Quantified Modal Logic in Metaphysics. Direct download 3 more. Logic and Philosophy of Logic. Propositional Attitudes in Philosophy of Mind. Possible Worlds, Misc in Metaphysics. Possible World Semantics in Philosophy of Language. Truth in Philosophy of Language.

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