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September 25, New Electoral Commission guidance published today. September 24, Bridging the trust gap: the past, present and future of mutuals and public service commissioning. September 20, View all insights. She also has Galeforce with an Astra base, giving her more offensive pressure or allow her to retreat after killing an enemy when it activates.

She is highly desired for several other hyper-offensive Heroes since she is the only holder of the skill that is not 5 Star exclusive. She carries Triangle Adept which is not entirely suited for her, but wielding it helps her to eliminate many Red unit threats. Finally she has Pass , a utility skill that prevents her from being surrounded, but otherwise is better rid of for better skills.

Cordelia's low defenses leave her vulnerable to many units, even some Blue units like Effie and Nowi who can endure her assaults. Finally, as a flier, Bow units completely obliterate her, though she can barely address this with Iote's Shield against certain bow users. Merric with Excalibur not only has color advantage, but also bonus damage against flying units. His ideal set with Close Counter and good physical bulk makes him an excellent check for Cordelia.

Cordelia has a lot of options for a Weapon inheritance as she can effectively use them to her advantage. Regardless of set, Cordelia should take Reposition which is a standard for most Flying units. Because she has her innate Brave Lance, she has the option to stick with that or inherit a Firesweep Lance for similar results. Hit and Run is optimal to give herself some distance when she initiates, though Drag Back can be given on a budget, though she cannot apply it always like Hit and Run. Finally, Cordelia shines best on a Flier team so providing Hone Fliers or Goad Fliers allows her to return the favor to her allies.

With a focus on her speed, she can eliminate much of the competition uncontested. By running Galeforce, Cordelia can smash through enemies and use the special proc to retreat to safety or press onward. Alternatively, Moonbow has a fast cooldown and gives her more power to finish off foes.

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Heavy Blade syncs well with Galeforce to ensure it procs as often as possible, though those running on a budget can take Life and Death or Swift Sparrow for general stat boosts and syncs well since Cordelia is a player phase unit anyways. Chill Speed ensures that Cordelia can double as much as possible, though those running on a budget can take Swordbreaker since she can easily dispatch most Red foes with this build. Perfect Bride Pegasus knight of Ylisse who excels in all things, including being delightful. Hopes to marry her perfect match.

Cordelia mattuvarkuzhali Ezhilarasu

She carries Rally Attack Speed which is a great support skill for her. Escape Route allows her to remove herself from danger when she is low on health. Breath of Life compounds onto her default weapon to heal and buff allies with that combo. While her base kit leaves little to work with, Bridal Cordelia is considered to be one of the strongest bow users in the game, only being hampered by her limited availability.

While she may not carry the flier weakness of her base form, she is even more fragile and needs to stay out of danger, that includes making sure that if she cannot eliminate her target she can retreat to safety. Though her base weapon allows her some breathing room during the enemy phase, most Bridal Cordelia's run Firesweep Bow or Brave Bow , both of which neuter her offensive prowess during the enemy phase.

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Units who carry Bowbreaker can take the skill's effect to achieve this. Raven Tome users, especially those who carry Triangle Adept equip can easily shut her down. Cordelia would rather stay in line with her Flier version and thus, she wants to take more Offensive skills and weapons to shine on the battlefield. Either focusing on uncontested damage with the former or trying to Quad attack most enemies with the latter. Luna works well with either weapon as she constantly doubles or quad in the instance of Brave Bow keeps the skill constantly active. Threaten Defense shaves enemy defenses, giving her attacks more potency.

Firesweep Bridal Cordelia tends to take Swordbreaker to give her the means to contest the many Sword threats in the meta while Brave Bow takes Desperation to ensure she can Quad enemies as much as possible. Knight Paradise The sole survivor of Ylisse's pegasus knights. Supremely talented, but not so sure about swimwear. Combining her offensive stats with her cavalry movement makes her a very effective unit for sweeping enemies like her Flier version.

Unlike her other two versions, Summer Cordelia has exceptional physical bulk at 41 HP and 28 Defense, with her high Speed ensuring that she takes less hits, as few units have the Speed to double her. Summer Cordelia's weakest stat is her Resistance, which makes her vulnerable to most mages, particularly Gunnthra and Nino SF due to their color advantage.

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Dragons such as Fallen Robin M and Myrrh are also problematic for her due to their their high Defense and raw Attack, making them difficult to defeat. High defensive units, particularly armored units like Hector are units that Cordelia cannot deal outright damage too. Finally, as a cavalry unit Summer Cordelia is weak to anti-cavalry weapons, making Rhajat and Gerome exceptional counters to her.

Summer Cordelia possesses numerous options for maximizing her offensive prowess. She can use Firesweep Lance extremely well due to preventing enemy counterattacks when initiating, allowing her to attack units unhindered. Summer Cordelia can also use Harmonic Lance to boost her Special's damage, which at times can be critical to defeating a unit.

Moonbow and Glimmer are her optimal specials due to having a low cooldown, which she can proc in every combat if used alongside the Heavy Blade Sacred Seal. For Summer Cordelia's A slot, Life and Death further maximizes her offensive stats at the cost of her defensive stats, though with her Firesweep set losing bulk is no issue. Chill Speed helps her guarantee more doubles against speedy units, while Drag Back and Hit and Run can enable her to retreat one space back after initiating combat.

Cordelia appears in Super Smash Bros. Her trophy features her in her Pegasus Knight class wielding a Brave Lance. One of Lucina 's Palette Swaps is based around Cordelia's color scheme. Cordelia is illustrated in the trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher with the following cards:. While Cordelia doesn't focus on Class-Changed Units like Blue cards generally do, instead being more of a support for Lance and Flying Units, this makes her if anything more useful in multicolor decks compared to other Blue cards.

Her Promotional Cost 2 gains 10 ATK each turn for the duration of the turn if she is the only Unit on her row between turns, and can give herself Range for 1 Bond, but isn't necessary for a Cordelia deck and is instead often picked up by players because it's one of Cipher's fairly rare Swimsuit cards. Thanks to her useful Skill set, Cordelia manages to be an excellent Unit despite not having as many cards as some of Cipher's many characters, and is a solid choice for any player looking to set up a deck with a focus on Flyer or Lance Units. Cordelia is a feminine given name, popularly associated with Latin cordis "heart".

It was born by the tragic heroine of Shakespeare's King Lear. In the play, the character is unwilling to profess her love to her father, stating "Love, and be silent", reflected in Cordelia's situation with Chrom. Cordelia's Japanese name, Tiamo , comes from the Italian phrase "Ti amo", meaning "I love you", likely referencing her unrequited love for Chrom.

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In conjunction with her daughter , their names reference "love and peace" in the Japanese version. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Pegasus Knight. Falcon Knight. Dark Flier. Bow Knight. Dark Mage.

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Dark Knight. Bride Wedding Bouquet required. Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers. Base Stats Edit Rarity:.

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Cancel Save. Lance - C. Steel Lance Javelin Vulnerary.

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Steel Lance. Brave Lance Night Sky. Triangle Adept 1. Triangle Adept 2. Triangle Adept 3.