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Panther Prowling Darkness Raging Moon Shimmers indie published Harvest Song indie published— Blood Bonds indie published— The Men of Otherworld book 1 and 2. Moon Swept , Earthbound, Shadow of Mist.

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How did you come up with it? Rowling came up with Harry Potter on a long train ride etc. They landed in front of me and introduced themselves and told me I needed to write about them. I was intrigued, and pulled to their stories. Apparently my subconscious have been working on them for a while before I was aware of them. And that was the very beginning of the idea for the series. Question 2 :Is there any particular story as to how you come up with or think of names for your characters?

Otherworld / Sisters of the Moon series

My characters seem to name themselves for the most part. But in general I just know what they want to be called. A few of them I had not heard of. Do you have some creature encyclopedia? Yes, I have several encyclopedias of legend, lore, faeries, and other creatures. And I also make up a number of my own when I need them. Question 4 : Did you write Camille as a likeness to yourself in personality or looks wise? People do say we look alike, though I think Camille is a whole lot prettier than I am. We have a lot in common, she is the most like me of all my characters, flaws and all.

Also I would love to know What actors You would cast for each of the following roles? I would consider a movie deal depending on who was offering it and what was entailed. A lot of suggestions have been made, but none struck me as accurate. Question 6 : What do you think of the Social Media impact between fans those Authors, Actors, Athletes musicians etc they admire. The time it takes can severely impact writing time. Yet, we really have to be out there now. However, I have met some lovely, wonderful people, and it is a fun way to reach my fans. Question 7 Could you please include a mini biography maybe who your favorite character is, in the other world as well as the Indigo Crescent series, thoughts on being a writer, and some favorites music band, movies actor etc.

Wanting instant gratification? Not the best attitude to have.

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You have to love the work, love the process, and develop a thick skin because it can beat down the ego. Learn the craft. You need talent, perseverance, and dedication. Not everybody can-or will-make it. I collect china, daggers, elk antlers, non-cutesy Faerie figurines, crystals, and jewelry. Haunted Moon 13 released January 29, Its one of those you have to read up to it things for it to come off right. ALong the lines of a Tension breaker!

Beltane is on its way and more and more emergencies and things just keep piling up and this is after 5 quiet weeks which they were still busy but kept up with research. So in this Delilah is into her Death Maiden training, to the point where she will be graduating. Grandmother Coyote one of the hags of fate came to the sisters for help of sorts! The house went from being over crowded to quite depleted!

Take Our Poll. I think that is due to reading bunnicula, the vampire bunny. The witch part no idea when it started, but they do say if you were a witch in life, when you die you are bound to turn into a vampire or so part of folklore goes. As for deciding on which book is my favorite that is a whole other story! You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Courting Darkness

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Main menu Skip to content. By Kim. Take me to the Otherside Some people say books or a song and such can change your life, I have yet to come across that book; though I have found a new world I would like to travel to, and a varied sort of creatures to meet.

I wait anxiously for the next book to come out and must have it the day its out. I do hope you will give a couple of her books a try, maybe one from each series. Approved by Yasmine!

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  • The Otherworld series review — aka Sisters of the Moon books Is this really necessary? He is a cheating, ungrateful bastard. If they could off a more lovable character Henry then why are we still stuck with this guy?


    Is it because he is good-looking and great in the sack? Or credible at his job? Or Delilah's first love?

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    Smoky : Love me some dragons. They beat out the kitsune and the drow. Team Smoky, all the way to the finis line, baby. I wish Camille would cease placing Trillian in front as alpha. Hell, there were long intervals when he was gone. Seamus : I hope they bring him back soon. He's hot, dark and mysterious, plus he is full-blooded fey. Wilbur : What the heck happened to this dude? He is their neighbor after all, and pretty interesting. With the new threat, they are gonna need him.

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    Camille has more than earned an amazing HEA and the plan is to keep reading. Until then, I'll just dust off my slippers and enjoy the carpet ride. Sisters of the Otherworld is outrageous, outstanding and ostentatious. View 2 comments. Nov 02, Jenevieve rated it it was amazing. The 10 book in the Sisters of the Otherworld series.

    • Courting Darkness (Otherworld / Sisters of the Moon, book 10) by Yasmine Galenorn.
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    • Fangs For The Fantasy: Courting Darkness (Otherworld #10) by Yasmine Galenorn?
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    • This one is told from Camille's point of view. Camille, Smoky, Roz, and Iris have just returned from the Northlands where Iris had to confront her past to see if she had any chance of a future. No sooner so they return home then they are immediately headed back out as a deamon has a message for Camille and will talk to no one else.

      The message A psychotic father-in-law is just what Camille needs right now, especially one who The 10 book in the Sisters of the Otherworld series. A psychotic father-in-law is just what Camille needs right now, especially one who blames all his misfortunes squarely upon Camille and Smokey. But of course, Camille ends up being captured by Hyto. Can she escape before he kills her? And even if she can, what scars will she bear on mind and soul besides her body?