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But there are plenty more to watch for. In general, Earth encounters richer meteoric activity during the second half of the year.

Meteor Hits Russia Feb 15, 2013 - Event Archive

And you're more likely to see twice as many meteors per hour before dawn than in the evening. This is because we are on the "trailing" side of Earth during the pre-midnight hours, thanks to our orbital motion through space.

So any meteoric particle must have an orbital velocity greater than that of the Earth to "catch" us. However, after midnight when we are turned onto Earth's "leading" side, any particle that lies along Earth's orbital path will enter our atmosphere as a meteor. As such objects collide with our atmosphere at speeds of 7 to 45 miles per second 11 to 72 kilometers per second ; their energy of motion rapidly dissipates in the form of heat, light and ionization, creating short-lived streaks of light popularly referred to as falling stars or shooting stars.

To go along with the Perseids, however, there are a few other minor meteor displays during July and August.

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These summertime meteors, occasionally flitting across your line of sight, are especially noticeable between mid-July and the third week of August. While the hourly rates from these other meteor streams are just a fraction of the numbers produced by the Perseids, overall they provide a wide variety of meteor colors, speeds and trajectories.

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