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For most people it would feel great. I know the arguments about losing the interest I could earn if I let my money sit in the bank instead of paying the electric bill three months in advance. Ah, but wait.

Free yourself from debts: Shift to the rent- to- Own model | Township News

Guess what? It shows that I have a huge credit and that nothing is due.

Strategies for blasting debt

I smile when I see these kinds of bills, and so will you. To reduce your personal financial debts, I suggest placing a moratorium on spending, regardless of what items entice you, until your credit cards have zero balances.

Free Yourself From Debt—A Spiritual Approach

These are separate issues. Paying for something that frees up your time is a life benefit.

11 Ways to Get Out of Debt Faster

Then, keep an advance file with a folder for each day of the month. Place the check in a sealed, addressed, and stamped envelope. This way, the money is allocated in advance in your checkbook, and your bills are paid on time. If you pay bills online, pay a month in advance or a larger sum than is currently due. The feeling of being even a little ahead will be worth it.

This gives you the aforementioned psychological boost when you see a credit on your next statement, and gives you a good reputation with your creditors, which comes in handy. This provides you with a running mini-cash flow list you can refer to at any time. Update it regularly. If you pay online, develop the habit of reviewing your account a little more often to detect opportune times to pay in advance.

Do the same thing with your monthly credit card statements. The fund is dedicated to advocating for ethical, efficient, and effective local government through professional management. Sustainable Communities Technology.

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7 ways to cut down your credit card debt and get your finances in control.

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