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If you peeked into my protein shake cabinet, you would see that I have tried so many as well! I am picky especially with plant-based ones. They tend to have a stronger flavor than whey so it is harder to disguise them. Whole Foods has one that is pretty good and it is their own brand so it is relatively cheaper and goes on sale a lot. I will keep you posted when I find my absolute favorite!

My daughter does not like to eat much food in the morning. I decided fruit smoothies were the way to go. Fruit, milk and yogurt is our typical smoothie. These change it up a bit!

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If they start the day with a smoothie, then I know they are on their way to getting their vitamins and minerals for the day. Glad this is helpful for you. Have a great day! Hi Melissa what an inspiration you are. Finding the true me is one of the blessings of doing inner work not to mention healing my body. It takes a lot of energy to suppress emotions. Hi Sara my name is Mary and I am having some issues right now and I believe it may have to do with some stress of my past and present.

All they want to do is put me on anxiety medicine. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day. I just came across your blog and I so love it and thank you for everything. Melissa I need your help with some remedies. First off my name is Mary and I am 52 years of age. I feel like something is missing from my immune system. The endocrinologist says it will be 3 weeks before he gets my needle stick test back which was done 2 days ago I never heard of test taking that long. I would love to make some of your smoothies because I truly believe something is going on with my immune system.

I have been off work for 2 weeks and today I tried to go but I was too week and sick.

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All of these doctors and still no answer. I asked my doctor to check my vitamin D levels and my ferritin but none has been done. I just want to feel better and get back to myself. Thank you for time and have a wonderful day. I had thyroid nodules too and my levels were always normal.

Mine kept growing and I eventually had to have them removed surgically. Much easier to swallow now! I never felt sick or too weak to work. Hope the smoothies work for you. I thank you for sharing your wisdom and guidance on the topic. I really would like to know do you add oatmeal to your smoothies?

23 healthy smoothie recipes to up your Vit intake

I find that this is the only way that I get full and satisfied from smoothies but it is a mucus producing food. I definitely deal with inflammation so I will be trying the recommended tumeric and lemon drink. Thank you so much again and peace and blessings to you.

23 Healthy Smoothie Recipes to Nail Your Daily Fruit & Veg Intake

I saw it okay to eliminate the bananas from these recipes? I am not a big fan and they tend to overwhelm the taste for me. Thanks so much for sharing your recipes, I look forward to trying them and everything looks delicious! So glad I am across these smoothie recipes! I make them everyday for my husband. He loves them! I even give some to our 7 month old baby boy and he loves them too! My husband has felt such a difference sense drinking these everyday for the past 2 weeks!

Thanks for sharing.

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Hi MH …. Your dogged determination to get healthy is inspirational! Thank you so much for sharing your story and your recipes. I have come to the realization that I believe my poor diet, sleeping habits and stress was largely the root cause of PD. My health depends om a slew of meds 4 meds, 5 times per day …. I now understand the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle. I never got sick before and thought I was invincible ….

I sadly found out otherwise! So I thought about smoothies as being easy to make and taste good too. When I saw your recipes contain a lot of the antioxidants and natural healing foods that my own research has uncovered …. I found your blog while looking up some great smoothies as I am trying to eat more healthy as I am also trying to be fit. Thanks again. I have recently become a surrogate, after losing lbs all naturally. This was the end goal, and I knew that pregnancy weight gain was going to be a mental struggle, however, I did not realize it would be this much of a struggle! During the first trimester, it is normal to gain at 4 to 6 pounds.

I was maintaining my weight for a year-and-a-half before entering this journey. Not only do I have my own hormones raging, but I also wad on hormone medication for the first couple of months.

9 Healthy Smoothie Recipes

But here I am, gaining weight, being blessed with the ability to bring a child into this world for another couple. Not only do I need to be healthy physically, but mentally as well! It was considering the doing a juice cleanse. I know juice cleanses are great, I read all the reviews, but I do love the whole nutrients of whole fruits and vegetables. So while doing my research, I stumbled across your website regarding your juice cleanse. Which thankfully, had a hyperlink to this blog regarding your smoothies!

Here I go!!! Starting today, I am going to attempt the 30 day smoothie regimen for a physically and mentally healthier pregnant me! During my weight loss, and now, I have been very active at the gym. Honestly, I would have never lost the weight without my gym membership! I still eat like a fat kid, LOL, but I workout out like a maniac!

When I became pregnant, I continued to eat like a fat kid, but no longer have the energy to workout like a maniac.

This is the downfall: The balance is no longer here. I am hopeful that this day smoothie recharge will assist with this. Obviously I have additional nutritional needs while being pregnant, so I will be adding more protein in. I did read that turmeric is unlikely safe for pregnancy in medicinal dosages, so I will be skipping that unfortunately, even though I was looking forward to trying it to see if it will help with the knee pain.

I know this is a very old post, but just wanted to say if you are still struggling with any health issues at all, and have not already, try getting off the Synthroid. I suffered needlessly for 4 years on Synthroid before switching to natural dessicated thyroid. I also supplemented my main dose with the generic of Cytomel T3 only drug.

4 High Protein Smoothies You Need To Try

Best wishes for great health! Awesome post! I made your choco powerhouse smoothies yesterday and my kids loved it a lot! Thanks for this great sharing!


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