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But Cogito is indicative of a far bigger and more unsettling trend that extends well beyond call centers: artificial intelligence, once seen as a tool largely under our control, is beginning to tell humans what to do. When understood, he claimed those signals can reveal the underlying dynamics of human interactions — and even predict their outcomes. In , Pentland co-founded Cogito Inc. The startup received government funding to experiment with voice analysis software designed to diagnose mental illness in veterans returning from combat.

The mental health unit was spun off into anther venture, while Cogito focused on developing software for businesses.

Comedian Ian Cognito dies onstage – and the audience think it’s part of his act

At MetLife, where Cogito has been rolled out to 10 U. One employee says that Cogito helped her cut her average call time nearly in half, while another said that it helped her slow down when she was speaking. Of course, in addition to helping workers have more successful calls, Cogito also gives managers vastly expanded insight into — and control over — their employees. Working at a call center has long been about meeting performance goals, and the agents who spoke with TIME seemed unbothered by that enhanced oversight.

Beginning at the end: Improving the planning process

For their part, executives using Cogito try to frame it as a helpful tool rather than a surveillance technology. But whether that will remain the case, or hold true at other companies using the software, is less clear. Firms like HireVue sell AI systems designed to help job recruiters screen applicants through video submissions.

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Pymetrics makes software to judge applicants based on their performance in video games. Amazon is reported to have a shipping center system that tracks productivity and automatically fires workers if they fall below certain targets.

How to Interview Someone - How to Recruit a Good Job Candidate (4 of 5)

And as AI software becomes increasingly advanced, it could make it harder for many to get a job in the first place. AI is on track to displace as many as hundreds of millions of workers over the next decade or two, by some estimates. Cogito scientists say that potential future is still at least a decade away.

Asked if she ever worries about being replaced by AI, Ashley Moore, a year-old MeLlife total absence management case specialist, laughs. But this AI directs you. And what do we really understand about the way that influence works?

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In the case of Cogito, spending eight hours a day, five days a week under AI direction may have effects beyond how someone speaks at work. Speaking a little differently may seem relatively benign.

Step 1 - Creating user pools and users

Yet if AI monitoring and direction becomes more sophisticated and widespread, we may find ourselves less certain of who we really are. Perhaps no one has explored that concept more deeply than Chris Dancy, a heath tech executive turned professional speaker.

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  6. In , Dancy set out on a profound behavioral experiment, using hundreds of sensors to quantify and track his life and send him streams of notifications coaching him to be healthier, happier, and more productive. He had notifications for sleeping, exercising and avoiding caffeine.

    For example, film one interview and produce three separate pieces of content. They are so easily shared and digested by audiences we expect to see them being used more globally and not just to compress key highlights or captions from a wider interview. Get ahead of this trend and use gifs to demonstrate the key findings of a survey for example.

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    Companies are also exploring how they can be leveraged to help efficiency in customer service practices — e. Event films. A surprising contender for popular trends in is event films. Having died off over the past few years, filming conducted at industry conferences and wider events saw a spike in popularity in On-site filming can be a great way to position your strategic messages while piggy backing off the natural buzz and atmosphere from a wider event.

    No matter your budget you can always afford creativity.

    Far from perfect. (Probably) better than roll your own.

    Taking a new approach and giving your campaign an injection of creativity can pay off. It can increase engagement with your target audience and make a lasting impression. Want to discuss how Cognito can help you come up with an awesome video campaign? Get in touch.