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It also occurs between singletons and between other siblings of multiple births.

These communication systems range from manual gestures to a fully developed vocal language with its own grammar. The literature of idioglossia is scanty and largely anecdotal. Much of the literature implies that idioglossia is a rare pathology.

They refer to them as wild or feral children. This film addressed many of the assumptions the general population has about these children.


One is that they assume that because they are raised in isolation that they have low intelligence. Paula Olsen at first believes that Nell may have an intellectual disability.

It is never stated in the film whether Nell does or does not have a mental insufficiency, but it would appear that Nell is actually rather intelligent. Her inability to speak and communicate have much more to do with her isolation from the outer world than her IQ score. However, it does appear that Nell has cognitive delays and she does display odd behaviors, the psychologist makes the claim that she display autistic behavior.

I very much doubt that Nell is autistic. I think she lacks many socially acceptable behavior due to her unique upbringing.

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Intimate escapes

It's too late for Edie, and a lifetime too late for Grace. Maggie has a chance of happiness, though, with Sarah's father, back after 30 years to challenge the self-protective order of her life. And so does Sarah with the reclusive Alex, also hugging a childhood trauma, who is as uncomfortable with intimacy as she is. Both couples find a haven in each other, a chance to be childlike that was strangled in childhood.


They play games fiercely, banter, speak in riddles, sharing the private language or "idioglossia" of the title.