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Cyclingnews The World Centre of Cycling. If you step on a spider or two while there I'll up the reward, though I'll need proof. Bring my husband's old boots too, if you please.

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I was on my way to the Gate to get some poison but this would be a lot easier on my legs, to be honest. You'll know the house when you see it. It's right to the west of the Jovial Juggler Inn.

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Bring back their bodies to prove you've done the job and I'll give you gold pieces. If you could, please bring my husband's old boots and my ol' bottle of wine back as well, and I'll throw in something extra.

Bentley said I could stay here until they move on but I hate to impose. You'll know the house when you see it: just to the west of the Jovial Juggler Inn. Fenrizwolf , Dec 18, EasyCo , Exejpgwmv and quiteadapperlass like this. Moriensdei , Dec 18, EasyCo , quiteadapperlass and Fenrizwolf like this.

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Moriensdei and quiteadapperlass like this. I mean at some point you'll probably find someone bleeding and unconscious on the floor. Last edited: Dec 18, EasyCo , Exejpgwmv , Moriensdei and 1 other person like this. I'd say all of these are worth learning in the next week. Except for poison spray, which has too much potential for collateral damage.

Additionally, I think the first big thing we should save up for is unlimited spell slots for level 1. Not only are we going to be low level for awhile if we play it safe which is IC.

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But that purchase, and purchasing all the level 1 spells, is surprisingly affordable for the advantage it gives. Bob Saget , Dec 18, Urgh, I don't want you to get upset or claim rules lawyering since you said you didn't like that but I am too amused by my 'plan' to let it potentially die - I really like the idea of 'healing' stabilizing someone by punching them, without needing any magic. Plus you should be aware of the major change in 5e from 3.

There are two non-class related feats that seem worth getting. Alert and Tough. Alert has the obvious anti-surprise and initiative bonuses. Tough is even more worthwhile in my opinion. - Transcripts

It gives two extra hp points for each level. However getting the Cleric feat seems more worthwhile than getting Alert, and to a lesser degree Tough. But I'm not too familiar with spell overlap between classes. Are there other class feats worth getting?