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We are not going to be kept free from deception by abandoning experience. In fact, the ones who do not hunger more for God are already deceived. Believers who hunger and thirst after righteousness will be filled, not by experiences, but by abiding in Christ and his word.

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The Holy Spirit illuminates the word of God to us, and leads us into the discovery of truth that is objective and and complete. Jacob saw angels ascending and descending into Heaven via ladders. This was likely a representation of a spiritual truth rather than angels actually requiring ladders to come and go.

Because of this, experiences like this can be quite confusing, and seemingly very bizarre and beyond our understanding. This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven. Everything we need to learn, is in scripture, not mystical encounters. To value the Scriptures above the Holy Spirit is idolatry.

This is rank heresy, and unfortunately not surprising due to the fact that at Bethel a Witch can receive an encouraging word of prophecy. Steven Kozar has written about this encounter here. Woe to them! Keep in mind this is the pastor speaking. This is the person responsible for helping those who cannot make sense of what they are seeing and hearing in the spiritual realm. Yet another subjective, unverified, unbiblical tall story emanating from Bethel.

Light in Unlikely Places: Stories from Spiritual Java

Understand that the gifts of the Holy Spirit never rule a life. What the BSSM pastor is describing is exactly what we find in pagan religions: an external controlling influence that produces bizarre and confusing encounters, often leaving the recipient uncertain of what took place and what the intention was.

Just like any other person in our church or school, we want them to feel safe. Safety can only be found in scripture.

Pareidolia: Seeing Faces in Unusual Places

Bethel does not know how to deal with people who have these encounters. If they cannot discern between a witch and a believer, what hope is there for those who go down to Bethel for help? These individuals are going to be led into further deception by leaders who are clearly unqualified. Gifts are not the same as character. Spiritual gifts are not an indication of Godly character. Do not give someone a platform simply because of the gifts on their life; it will damage them, and it will damage people around them if their character is unable to sustain the platform they find themselves in.

Bethel believes they can shift atmospheres but this is not a principle taught in scripture. The disciples spent time in cities full of paganism, wicked rulers, and wicked people. Despite that hostile and evil environment they never bound any territorial spirits, shifted atmospheres, blew Shofars, or spoke declarations over the cities. If I can keep those two things in focus, we find that He ends up doing more stuff.

You end up having more stuff happen by accident than we ever used to have on purpose.

The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind -

They communicated the things they had experienced to people who reacted out of fear, or were simply terrified by the things they were seeing. The Church, genuinely wanting to help the person but not knowing how, prayed for the gift to be shut down. Bethels culture of cultivating any sort of supernatural activity at the expense of sound doctrine and true discernment is bearing fruit, and this is a prime example. This is purely demonic.

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In the early church, experiences were not communicated, the truth was. You do not need to understand their gifts in order to love and encourage them. Community where they are loved, where risk is celebrated, and there is room to fail is going to provide the best environment for someone to learn and grow in their seer giftings. Create safety by listening, seeking to understand, and providing them with tools to process and get healing from any pain that their giftings may have caused them.

What this BSSM pastor is doing is simply guiding people many probably not even born again in their mystical journey of encounters with evil spirits or their own imaginations. The infallible word of God has been replaced with subjective experiences as a source of truth.

The modus operandi of deception is that it looks like truth. If that is not possible, there are hundreds of books you can point them towards to help them understand what they are experiencing, as well as numerous passages in the Bible that describe supernatural experiences that can help them understand their experience. The third option this pastor suggests is scripture, this should be the first and only option that will provide a definitive test on any experience. Vallotton went so far as to ask God for the mantle of Branham. Hell is not eternal. Denial of the Trinity.

One of her false prophecies was that San Francisco would be destroyed by a tidal wave.

See a Problem?

Believers are complete in Christ, and have no need to chase after encounters, or receive any new revelations. Bethel is not revealing new truth or accessing unique gifts, they are simply promulgating old heresies and delving in either vain imaginations or the occult. It is only general mysticism manifesting itself on Christian ground and interpreting itself accordingly in the forms of Christian thought.

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It is mysticism which has learned to speak in Christian language. We may be mystics, or we may be Christians. We cannot be both. And the pretension of being both usually merely veils defection from Christianity. Mysticism baptized with the name of Christianity is not thereby made Christianity. A rose by any other name will smell as sweet.

Spiritual Java Beni Johnson Selecting 40 invigorating excerpts from their exciting and popular books, Pastor Bill Johnson and his Bethel Church associates have created an excellent blend of rich, generous, fortifying spiritual These burning ones are calling cities and nations back to the Lord, and challe A new breed of revivalist is arising to answer the cry of God's heart. These blazing hearts are calling cities and nations back to the Lord, and challenging societies to be tra Rooted Banning Liebscher.

Zechariah God is pouring out His Spirit and revival rain is falling across the Earth Mobilizing a new breed of revivalists living in intimacy with Jesus and moving in the supernatural to see culture shaped and nations transformed. The heart of "Jour Revival Culture Michael Brodeur We all want revival.