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Scroll down on this page and enter the phone number you would like to be contacted at. Tap submit. Dominic Monaghan played English ex-rock star drug addict Charlie Pace. During the first two seasons, some characters were written out, while new characters with new stories were added. Shannon's departure eight episodes into season two made way for newcomers Mr.

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Ana Lucia and Libby were written out of the series toward the end of season two after being shot by Michael, who then left the island along with his son. In season three, two actors were promoted from recurring to starring roles: Henry Ian Cusick as former Scottish soldier Desmond Hume ; and Michael Emerson as the manipulative leader of the Others, Ben Linus.

Several characters died in the season: Eko was killed off when Akinnuoye-Agbaje did not wish to continue on the show, [32] [33] Nikki and Paulo were buried alive mid-season after poor fan response, [34] and in the third-season finale, Charlie dies a hero. In season four, Harold Perrineau rejoined the main cast to reprise the role of Michael, now suicidal and on a desperate redemptive journey to atone for his previous crimes.

In season five, no new characters joined the main cast; however, several characters exited the show: Charlotte was written out early in the season in episode five, with Daniel being written out later in the antepenultimate episode. Season six saw several cast changes: Juliet was written out in the season premiere while three previous recurring characters were upgraded to starring status. Numerous supporting characters have been given expansive and recurring appearances in the progressive storyline. Danielle Rousseau Mira Furlan —a French member of an earlier scientific expedition to the island, first encountered as a voice recording in the pilot episode—appears throughout the series.

She is searching for her daughter, who later turns up in the form of Alex Rousseau Tania Raymonde. Alex has been kidnapped by Ben Linus and brought to the Others where she was raised. Cindy Kimberley Joseph , an Oceanic flight attendant who first appeared in the pilot, survived the crash and, subsequently, became one of the Others.

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In the second season, married couple Rose Nadler L. Scott Caldwell and Bernard Nadler Sam Anderson , separated on opposite sides of the island she with the main characters, he with the tail section survivors , were featured in a flashback episode after being reunited.

The second season also introduces Dr. Pierre Chang Francois Chau , a member of the mysterious Dharma Initiative who appears in the orientation films for its numerous stations located throughout the island. Eloise Hawking Fionnula Flanagan , introduced in the third season, is Daniel Faraday's mother and also has connections with Desmond. The introduction of the Others featured Tom , a. Friendly M. Gainey , and Ethan Rom William Mapother , all of whom have been shown in both flashbacks and the ongoing story.

Jack's father Christian Shephard John Terry has appeared in multiple flashbacks of various characters. In the third season, Naomi Dorrit Marsha Thomason , the team leader of a group hired by Widmore to find Ben Linus, parachutes onto the island. One member of her team includes the ruthless mercenary Martin Keamy Kevin Durand.

The mysterious black smoke cloud-like entity, known as " the Monster ", appeared in human form during season five and six as a middle-aged man dressed in black robes, who was played by Titus Welliver , and in season six, it appears in the form of John Locke played by O'Quinn in a dual role. His rival, Jacob , was played by Mark Pellegrino. Throughout its run, the executive producers of the series were Damon Lindelof , J. The series was conceived by Lloyd Braun , head of ABC at the time, while he was on vacation in Hawaii during and thought of a cross between the movie Cast Away and the popular reality show Survivor.

Unhappy with the eventual script by Lieber and a subsequent rewrite, in January , Braun contacted J. Lieber would later receive a story credit for the Lost pilot and, subsequently, shared the "created by" credit with Abrams and Lindelof, after a request for arbitration at the Writers Guild of America. Although initially hesitant, Abrams warmed to the idea on the condition that the series would have a supernatural angle to it and if he had a writing partner. You just had to walk around and explore these environments and gradually a story was told.

Abrams created the sound opening of the show and its title card being inspired by The Twilight Zone. The development of the show was constrained by tight deadlines, as it had been commissioned late in the season's development cycle. Despite the short schedule, the creative team remained flexible enough to modify or create characters to fit actors they wished to cast. Along with fellow new series Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy , Lost helped to reverse the flagging fortunes of ABC, [63] and its great success likely caused the network to ignore that the show almost immediately broke Lindelof and Abrams' promises to it regarding Lost ' s plots.

Many of the first season roles were a result of the executive producers' liking of various actors. The main character Jack was originally going to die in the pilot, and the role was planned for Michael Keaton. However, ABC executives were adamant that Jack live. Dominic Monaghan auditioned for the role of Sawyer, who at the time was supposed to be a slick suit-wearing city con man. The producers enjoyed Monaghan's performance and changed the character of Charlie, originally an over-the-hill former rock star, to fit him. Jorge Garcia also auditioned for Sawyer, and the part of Hurley was written for him.

When Josh Holloway auditioned for Sawyer, the producers liked the edge he brought to the character he reportedly kicked a chair when he forgot his lines and got angry in the audition and his southern accent , so they changed Sawyer to fit Holloway's acting. Yunjin Kim auditioned for Kate, but the producers wrote the character of Sun for her and the character of Jin, portrayed by Daniel Dae Kim, to be her husband.

Sayid, played by Naveen Andrews, was also not in the original script. Locke and Michael were written with their actors in mind. Emilie de Ravin, who played Claire, was originally cast in what was supposed to be a recurring role. His role was extended to eight episodes because of his acting skills and eventually, for the whole of season three and later seasons.

Lost was filmed on Panavision 35 mm cameras almost entirely on the Hawaiian island of Oahu given the easily accessible, wide diversity of filming locations. Later beach scenes take place in secluded spots of the famous North Shore. Cave scenes in the first season were filmed on a sound stage built at a Xerox parts warehouse, which had been empty since an employee mass shooting took place there in Scenes set in Germany during the winter were filmed at the Bernice P. Bishop Museum , with crushed ice scattered everywhere to create snow and Russian storeshop and automobile signs on the street.

Two scenes during season four were filmed in London because Alan Dale , who portrays Widmore, was at the time performing in the musical Spamalot and was unable to travel to Hawaii. During its six years of broadcasting, Lost developed an extensive collection of promotional tools ranging from the traditional promotions of the TV show made by the channel, to the creation of alternate reality games , such as the Lost Experience. Lost features an orchestral score performed by the Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra and composed by Michael Giacchino , incorporating many recurring themes for subjects, such as events, locations, and characters.

Giacchino achieved some of the sounds for the score using unusual instruments, such as striking suspended pieces of the plane's fuselage. A final soundtrack, featuring music from series finale, was released on October 11, The series uses pop culture songs sparingly, and has a mainly orchestral score consisting usually of divided strings, percussion, harp, and three trombones.

When it features pop songs, they often originate from a diegetic source. Examples include the various songs played on Hurley's portable CD player throughout the first season until its batteries died in the episode " In Translation ", which featured Damien Rice's "Delicate" or the use of the record player in the second season, which included Cass Elliot 's " Make Your Own Kind of Music " and Petula Clark 's " Downtown " in the second and third-season premieres respectively.

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Two episodes show Charlie on a street corner playing guitar and singing the Oasis song " Wonderwall ". The third season also used Three Dog Night 's " Shambala " on two occasions in the van. The only two pop songs that have ever been used without an on-screen source i. Lost has been described by numerous critics as being among the greatest television series of all time. The appeal narrowed as seasons progressed and the mythology became more complex, culminating in a still-debated finale that was deeply meaningful to some and dissatisfying poppycock to others.

The first season received critical acclaim. USA Today said a "totally original, fabulously enjoyable lost-at-sea series, Lost had taken "an outlandish Saturday-serial setup and imbued it with real characters and honest emotions, without sacrificing any of the old-fashioned fun. The second season received favorable reviews, but it was noted that the season "stumbled with some storylines going nowhere and some characters underutilized. Nearing the end of the second season, USA Today listed the most popular fan theories during Season 2—the island as a psychological experiment, that the hatch had electromagnetic properties, string theory of time, and that everyone on the island had developed a "collective consciousness" that allowed them to appear in each other's past.

Suspense comes not from wondering what's going on but from wondering what happens next. If you withhold answers, it becomes impossible to satisfy. The first block of episodes of the third season was criticized for raising too many mysteries [92] and not providing enough answers. Gainey, who played Tom.

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Reaction to two new characters, Nikki and Paulo, was generally negative, and Lindelof even acknowledged that the couple was "universally despised" by fans. The fourth season opened to praise not seen since the first season. Metacritic gave season four a weighted average of 87 based on the impressions of a select twelve critical reviews, [] earning the second highest Metascore in the — television season after the fifth and final season of HBO 's The Wire.

Tim Goodman of the San Francisco Chronicle said that the Season 4 episodes were "roller coasters of fast action and revelation" and that series was "back on track. The critic also said that the show "in the dark business of exploring just how futile the modern search for peace, knowledge, recovery or profit really is. The fifth season once again received mostly positive critical reception.

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Season 5 was given a weighted average of 78 out of by Metacritic. Variety said that "The ABC series remains one of primetime's most uncompromising efforts, and this year's latest wrinkle on flashbacks, flash-forwards and island-disappearing flashes of light does nothing to alter that perception. How can these characters have any concrete agenda or strategic approach or philosophical perspective on anything when the rug is pulled out from under them by another Act of God every few seconds?

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All that remains is the reductively limned battle between fate and free will largely playing out, now, in Jack Shephard's belief that returning to the island is his Destiny. Club said of the fifth-season finale, "Me? I found the ending frustrating, but in a good way.

This finale was entertaining as all get-out to me, and despite the occasional groaner moment, I think this may be Lost's most purposeful, surprising finale. Season six opened to much hype and curiosity. The A. Club asked, "I'm guessing that one of the biggest fears of Lost fans as we ride out this sixth and final season—bumps and all—is that we're going to come to the end and find a big nothing in return for all we've invested in these characters.