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For sure the lowest priced fares on any given flight for your dates will sell out. I live in Tokyo and was planning to visit San Francisco during the period called Golden week basically the week between the end of April and the beginning of May for 10 days. This obviously excludes insanely long trips 25 — 30hrs including stops. What do you recommend? Book now! In that case, we always recommend shopping early for the best deals AND best itineraries.

Hi Adam, The airlines publish their fares 11 months out from so you should be able to book flights by the end of this month. Hi Angie, In we recommended about 90 days out as being the best time to buy flights to Asian destinations.

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So yes — your timeline is our best recommendation base on all of the data we had last year. In , things may change — we are working to put together the When to Buy Report as we speak.

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Hi, I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. And planning to fly to Orlando, Florida with my husband and kids ages 8,6,4 and 1 as well as my parents at the end of sept When should I book our tickets to get the best prices on air fare? Hi Cortney, In general we recommend buying about 2 weeks to 2. So — for that reason I would say it is probably not too early to be looking now, though you still probably do have some wiggle room on when to buy.

Most people travel to Orlando in the summer months — this may make late September a small pocket of value — start looking now and you may find flights a bit less than you would in July or August. Hi there. My family and I are going to St. Lucia on May 24, for a few days. Would it be safe to assume that if ticket prices are going to drop, it will occur around early March? I forgot to say that my family and I would be travelling to St.

Lucia from Atlanta, GA in case that makes a difference. Thanks so much in advance for your help! We do know that the Caribbean destinations are generally less expensive than they have been in a while. Because of the hurricane damage and the re-routing some people are doing with their planned vacations, this year is a bit hard to read.

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Lower airfares overall might be driving demand to a more limited number of possible destinations in the Caribbean, but it might also be true that fares will drop if they do not start selling out flights. If you have a large family, you might try searching for individual tickets instead of the whole group so you can see if there are lower priced tickets available. Some of the group may get a better fare — and that would also indicate if the lower fares are selling out therefore prices going down becomes less likely. When is the best time to buy the ticket?

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I was checking around earlier and it is still very expensive. In the second case, you might want to buy sooner rather than later. Indonesia is quite popular in the summer months, so it may be that you should start your serious search now. In , we recommended searching right around 3 months from your departure dates for the best fares, BUT we always recommend more for high season travel.

When should I buy and what is the reasonable fare. Hi Jereco, You should be shopping now for sure. If you let me know the city you are leaving from and the number of tickets you need, I can let you know what a reasonable fare for that time of year might be.

When is the best time to book? Yesterday Tuesday the flights were much cheaper, today Wednesday the flights are triple.

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Hi Joey, Not sure why the fares would have tripled over night. That does seem highly suspect this far from your travel dates. Were you looking at one specific flight or a variety of options? Can you share what airport in New York you would like to depart from and which city in Italy you are traveling to? When is the best time to book….? Hi Colin, I would buy soon. Those prices are heading higher the further into the summer you go. Watching the fares the last few days seems the trend going toward more expensive, not less.

It would be a gamble to wait. I need to travel to France Paris in late June According to your calculations, is the best time to buy around mid-to-late March ? Hi Matthew, Can we direct you to our European Flights page?

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July and August are generally the high season for American travelers to Europe, so you can expect to pay higher fares and the lowest fares on those flights will sell out faster. We recommend shopping for summer flights to Europe earlier — starting to shop now would not be too early. I need to leave in the middle of July, which I know is a bit pricey due to it being summer months. Although I only need a one way flight?

Hi Chloe, You should definitely start looking sooner rather than wait. Look for flights soon to get the best deal. When would you advise purchasing? Chicago does often have some of the best deals to Central Europe. We do not want an economy seat for the international flights as we need the extra legroom. Do you have any recommendations as to when to purchase tickets that are not economy seats? Hi Barb, The best advice is to find the flights you want and then purchase the tickets asap. Basically, there is a lot less volatility in the premium seating costs, but there are obviously limited selections available and those seats almost always sell out.

When is the best time to book those flights? Generally speaking, you can wait longer if your flights are in the early part of December. Christmas week and New Years week are priced at a premium straight out of the gate and do not typically go on sale. To be safe, we recommend buying anything Christmas week as early as possible.

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Last year, we saw Australasian flights booked out about 3 months at the best fares not counting Christmas and New Years. This year, we think that number is going to be quite a bit further out maybe as much as months out, even for low season and non-holiday flights. That report should be coming out in the next month — keep your eyes peeled. Not very impressed with the article on international travel times and when to purchase because the link given for Europe Summer Flights page. Hi Craig! Thanks for the feedback. You might look at flights from Boise to Los Angeles or San Francisco and look into booking a flight from there on to Guam.