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Joseph Burgess Some unsubstantiated reports say Carlsson and Durrant were Christians; whether or not the couple discussed religion with Burgess is not known. What is known is that Burgess learned the unmarried couple were cohabitating out of wedlock. Police say Burgess hid in the bushes nearby and waited until the couple fell asleep.


When they did, Burgess crept up to them and shot them in the head, point blank, with a. Burgess believed premarital sex was wrong. Crime scene Burgess eluded capture, and has been one of Canada's most wanted fugitives for the last 34 years. Police speculate he may have stayed in the Pacific Northwest. It was just days until graduation, and the couple, described as handsome and popular students, decided to stay after the picnic and do some fishing.

Sheriff's deputies found the two shot to death early the next morning. Adank had been sexually assaulted.

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Ted Outcalt, Eric's stepfather, wrote in an email that for several years they thought they had a good suspect, but DNA ultimately excluded him. And all indications are that the murders of Eric and Lliana were random. More Deaths Fast forward to another June, this time A couple visiting Mount Shasta, California was reported missing by family members. The couple, year-old Jerry Middleton and his new wife, year-old Pamela, had recently acquired a pickup truck and it was initially assumed the couple had been in an accident.

The Siskiyou County Sheriff's Department launched a massive search but could find no trace of them. Six months later law enforcement officials discovered Jerry and Pamela Middleton in a remote area near Lake of the Woods, some 80 miles away and across the state line in Oregon.

Their naked bodies were found in the bed of their truck. They were embracing. Both of them had been shot through the mouth and were found with their hands on a.

The Klamath County Sheriff's Department ruled the deaths a double suicide. But their families firmly rejected the suicide theory, insisting the couple had recently wed and were both very happy. Despite the family's protests, Klamath County closed the case. Just two months later, on August 22, , on the other side of the Klamath National Forest from Mount Shasta, yet another couple was found shot to death in a remote campground. Derek Moore of The Press Democrat quotes a source in the local sheriff's department as saying they never established a motive for the murders.

The case is still open. Present Day Lisa Gurrieri, 19, and Brandon Rumbaugh, 20, met in a Scottsdale nightclub in and immediatelly fell in love. On Friday, October 18, , the attractive couple decided to return to the spot of their first date: a desert camping area near Bumble Bee, Arizona, one hour north of Scottsdale.

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The plan was to park their pick-up truck for the night, unfold sleeping bags in the truck's bed, and reminisce about their romance on their first year anniversary. When they didn't return as planned on Sunday, friends went looking for them. They found the couple in the back of the pick-up, still lying in their sleeping bags.

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They had been shot several times in the head. The case remains unsolved. Lisa Gurrieri and Brandon Rumbaugh That was For the next three years, every summer, eerily similar slayings occurred. Jason Allen and Lindsay Cutshall, two Christian camp counselors who planned to be married, were shot in in their sleeping bags as they camped on a beach just north of Jenner, California. Sutton eds. Perspectives on Politics in Shakespeare. Curry, A. The Battle of Agincourt: Sources and Interpretations. Boydell Press.

Suspect who shot two Henry County officers refuses to surrender, police say

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