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So don't go overboard with eating during iftar. Eating mindfully and listening for when your hunger is actually satisfied puts less stress on your body and gives you more energy than eating huge amounts at one time. Keep moving.

Ramadan: ‘It will be a test but the peace you get is beautiful’

Though fasting can be physically exhausting, try not to be completely sedentary. If you typically work out during the morning, see how your body feels if you switch exercise to the evening after breaking your fast. Strenuous exercise is not a good idea during the day because you can quickly become dehydrated. Think small—short easy walks to classes or doing errands or a few stretches can go a long way in keeping your energy up during the day. A few secrets to a successful sehri pre-sunrise meal.

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Together, the components of a balanced meal help your blood sugar remain most stable, which gives you good energy. Some of the elements to include in your sehri:. Find what works for you. Depending on your sleeping schedule, you may want to experiment with how often and when you eat to keep your energy up.

Ramadan & Fasting (1994)

Which brings me to a somewhat obvious point Trust how your body feels. Every person is individual and may feel best with different ways of eating. This is the most joyous month of the year!

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Enjoy meals with others, exercise goodwill, and be patient with your body and with others. Search Search. Ramadan kareem! Although we may differ in how we prepare our minds and bodies, here are some tips that can help Muslims adjust to the daily fast: 1.

7 Reasons Why Ramadan Fasting Is Good for You

Some of the elements to include in your sehri: Whole grains—sources include whole grain cereal, whole grain bread, brown rice, and oatmeal. Fresh fruits and vegetables—check out the produce section for dozens of ideas! Protein—sources include milk, yogurt, eggs, nuts. Healthy fat—sources are nuts and olives.

Benefits of fasting

Try these easy combinations in addition to drinking water during sehri: Oatmeal made with low-fat milk and topped with fruit and nuts. In fact, it is when Prophet Muhammad first received revelations of the Quran, therefore the month is considered the most sacred time of the year by Muslims. Since the holiday is based on the lunar calendar, it shifts every year.

In other places, the fast started June 29 or June Adnan Samma, a senior majoring in economics and international relations, said that debates surrounding when to start Ramadan have dated back a long time. Once Ramadan begins, able healthy Muslims abstain from food, water, smoking and sexual intercourse from sunrise to sunset.

6 ways to make fasting safe and easy during Ramadan |

There are a few things Muslims and non-Muslims joining the fast can do to help them cope with the demands of the month. According to Nasimul Ghani, the biggest thing is to practice patience and remind yourself of the reasons behind the fast.

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  5. The month of fasting is a time for spiritual reflection and increased worship, according to ISNA. During the fast, Muslims turn away from worldly activities and focus on God. In addition to cleansing the body and the spirit from impurities, the fast helps people empathize with those less fortunate, those that regularly do not have something to eat or drink. Samma, an international student from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, said celebrating Ramadan on-campus is a little different from home.

    Veronica Canas, an alumna of the University, experienced something similar to Samma when she went to India on a study abroad program and found herself there during Ramadan. News , University , World.