Manual Revelation: Fall of Judea, Rise of the Church

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Neither II Thessalonians nor Revelation use the term Antichrist, but both works refer to a coming persecutor who is evidently the same person. Nevertheless, early Christians tended to emphasize the coming of the one great Antichrist. Their work was integrated into a brief treatise in the 10th century c. The medieval view of Antichrist communicated by Adso, Ripelin, and a host of other writers rested on the principle that Antichrist is the parodic opposite of Christ in all things.

Like Christ, Antichrist will come to Jerusalem , but, as the opposite of Christ, he will be enthusiastically hailed and revered by the Jews. During his reign he will rebuild the Temple and sit on the throne of Solomon in a sacrilegious and hideous inversion of just priesthood and just kingship. He will convert the rulers of the earth to his cause and persecute Christians dreadfully.


At the end of the allotted three and a half years, however, Antichrist will be destroyed by the power of Christ, whereupon, after a very brief interval, there will come the Last Judgment and the end of the world. One important medieval thinker who departed substantially from the received teachings about Antichrist was the 12th-century Calabrian monk Joachim of Fiore. The expectation of the imminent reign of Antichrist in the later Middle Ages encouraged the belief among many that his forerunners were already in the ascendant or, indeed, that Antichrist himself had arrived in the person of a given ruler or pope.

The tendency to identify a hated contemporary ruler as Antichrist in some cases outlasted the Middle Ages.

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The Russian tsar Peter the Great reigned — , for example, was named Antichrist by his opponents, the Old Believers. Even in the 20th century some commentators identified Benito Mussolini , the Italian fascist dictator, as Antichrist because of his attempt to revive the Roman Empire. Even so, Amen. The Lord Jesus is speaking: And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

Revelation concludes with a time where the former things are passed away, neither shall there be any more pain. Revelation is the golden clasp that holds all 66 books of the Bible together. No wonder there is a special blessing for those who put forth the effort to study it. Now, wouldn't it be wonderful if we had a golden key that would unlock that clasp? We do. Here it is—the key. It has three divisions, and this will help us understand what follows.

John has a vision of the exalted Christ, the Alpha and Omega Revelation He wrote what he saw:. And being turned, I saw seven golden candlesticks; 13 And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man…. He shared life with Jesus for 3 years.

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Yet when he sees Jesus in all His glory, John drops to the floor, fully overcome with the majesty of the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ. This 2nd division in our outline is another very short one. We can cover it quickly. What was happening as John was exiled on the Isle of Patmos? The Church age had begun. In chapters 2 and 3, Jesus gives John a direct personal message to seven literal churches in Asia Minor, but they represent every church from Pentecost to the present.

As you scroll through chapters 2 and 3, identify these churches. Do you see one that reminds you of yours? Many believers are in areas where the church suffers terribly every day. Jesus would rather have you out and out against Him, than lukewarm, on the fence. Revelation chapters 2 and 3 speak to the churches from the first century throughout the Church Age, which is the age we are in today as this study is being written.

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This is just an overview, so we will tick them off very briefly. Revelation is the first event in Division 3. With it, the Church Age ends. Note that one moment John is present on earth, dealing with earthly matters Rev. Beyond Revelation , the Church does not appear again on earth.

You don't find the church mentioned anymore because the church age has ended! Right away v. This is too important to skip over.

The Jewish People and their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian Bible

Turn to 1 Corinthians What will happen to those who are already dead? What happens to those of us still alive? Turn to First Thessalonians And the dead in Christ shall rise first. Mathew describes it further, if you would like to review it. It may happen at any moment.

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  6. Not one more prophecy awaits fulfillment before this can take place. At the trumpet sound, the Lord Jesus is going to come. Some teach that the Church is going to go through part if not all of the Tribulation. He has not appointed His beloved Bride to wrath. The Tribulation is that terrible time when God pours out His wrath on a world that has rejected His every offer of salvation.

    God never pours out his wrath upon his children. God will chastise his children—we're the objects of his chastisement—but never His wrath. God's wrath is only for the unsaved. The Church is taken out; the salt and the light are gone. What a weeping and wailing when the lost are told of their fate. They will cry for the rocks and the mountains, they will pray but their prayer is too late.

    Demons will come out of the bottomless pit and infest the earth. Forward to Revelation chapter The Lord will destroy the AntiChrist. Now He's coming with His church and Heaven's army. At just the last moment, the Lord Jesus, who spoke them into existence, will speak them into oblivion with just a word from His mouth.

    The Lord is going to destroy the AntiChrist and his armies with a word from His mouth. The armies in heaven are the saints—us. Now, he does not come for us, we come with him.

    The Gentile Church at Antioch

    We've been away for seven years while the flames of the tribulation have seared across this earth. Then at the Battle of Armageddon, mortal man and mighty God meet in conflict, and this battle is won with a word.

    Timeline of Christian History

    During the reign of Josiah in the 6th century B. The final form of the Hebrew Bible developed over the next years when Judah was swallowed up by the expanding Persian Empire.

    Known as the Septuagint, this Greek translation was initiated at the request of King Ptolemy of Egypt to be included in the library of Alexandria. The Septuagint was the version of the Bible used by early Christians in Rome. The Book of Daniel was written during this period and included in the Septuagint at the last moment, though the text itself claims to have been written sometime around B.

    Church History: Complete Documentary AD 33 to Present

    It collects 27 books, all originally written in Greek. The sections of the New Testament concerning Jesus are called the Gospels and were written about 40 years after the earliest written Christian materials, the letters of Paul, known as the Epistles. Scribes copied the letters and kept them in circulation. As circulation continued, the letters were collected into books. Some in the church, inspired by Paul, began to write and circulate their own letters, and so historians believe that some books of the New Testament attributed to Paul were in fact written by disciples and imitators.

    The oral traditions within the church formed the substance of the Gospels, the earliest book of which is Mark, written around 70 A. It is theorized there may have been an original document of sayings by Jesus known as the Q source, which was adapted into the narratives of the Gospels. Matthew and Luke were next in the chronology. Both used Mark as a reference, but Matthew is considered to have another separate source, known as the M source, as it contains some different material from Mark.

    The Book of John, written around A.