Guide Taxes & Tithes, Its Your Money: A Resource Guide for Faith and Community Organizations

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Every member has a right to expect financial transparency, accountability and the opportunity to see the money. Photo Credit: Stockmonkeys.

Some comments, reviews etc. from Rabbis and others on tithing and this document:

Show Members the Money! Related Recent. Cecil L. The first time I met Rev. Murray was just after it was announced that Cecil Murray and Rev. Mark Whitlock with the Declaration of Interdependence. Mark first If he was working that night or could not provide these services to us for free then we might not be together today. I could go on forever why this argument about pastor not being paid is not only selfish, but it is also unbiblical. What do you think people who go to churches where a pastor had several hundred members and simply CANNOT handle their issues immediately do?

They go to another Christian who is well versed in the Word and experienced in martial issues. Sadly, there is so much greed and corruption within the church today. Some leaders even prey on many who are barely getting by such as those on disability. Long story short, I had one Pastor guilt me into giving only to have my washing machine go on the fritz the very next week.

He panned out the water for me bc I feared it would leak down to the apt below mine. Made no mention of how I was to figure out during illness how I would get wet laundry up 2 flights of stairs. I felt no real belonging, I felt used..

The way they saw my illness was punishment. Not Jesus and the Boys, Why you might ask? I will leave that to you to determine for yourselves..

There is much going wrong in the Church today. I strongly feel if we take away the money aspect of it, it defuses the power everyone seems to find to be so attractive. Jesus did not take payment for the gospel and no matter how many want to distort that truth through multiple interpretations, in my book, it just reinforces the fact that money is their motive…and not Love as it ought to be.

Especially because it is humans that are the hands and feet of Christ and humans make mistakes. The irony is that for those not in vocational ministry their responsibility is also clearly presented in the scriptures, perhaps even more so than that of those in vocational ministry…and my experience screams of miss-handlings due to pride, vanity, lust, etc.

A long time ago I struggled with all these questions; so much so that it affected my ability to serve and to give. I believe if anything He will ask why I allowed my opinion on these things to affect the way that I walked this thing out. Our responsibility is to give generously and sacrificially whether we believe the tithe is relevant today or not…to give, to walk, and to trust.

Hey Roz…and exactly who trained congregations to act this way? Seems like things are maybe coming home to roost in the American church. Pastors have invested too much in fads, avoiding scripture, feel good programs that drive consumerism and on and on. And you wonder why churches have the problems they do? Pastors can hardly complain about a problem they created themselves. In the bible they were tending to the crops and working outside of ministry.

1. Christians Are Not Under the Law

It should be a volunteer position so that there are no bad motives. However, I do not believe that one person should have to do all of the volunteering. They had jobs. How do you think they made a living. Jesus was a carpenter by trade. They fished. They were fishing when the waters became rough. Jesus helped them catch fish in one verse. Here is my concern. We asked our pastor to write down what he did each week and he replied with a list of items.

He said that all these items are part of Gods work in some way and so we should not question his motives. Also spending money on working lunches without a clear explanation for need. Do you think I am being too picky? Is it reasonable to ask for a full disclosure of his time and written explain of these lunches and dinners.

Should he spend more time at the church and less time else-ware. He asked for a sabbatical this summer and was turned down by a unanimous decision. He became very upset. As a result one of our trustees resigned from her position because of guilt.

Tithing as a Military Family

This all makes me question how independent churches are run. I have often said that you can have church in the woods. I really want to do the right thing. Sometimes, I am truly amazed at the closed minds of people. Much is Said on here about delegation of work by the Pastor and being a whole church where everyone works and oh yes that thing about if you want a home get another job. Take some time to read a Bible and see how the Apostle Paul addresses the issue of caring for an Elder. Look beyond the human instinct to insist that someone else do all the sacrificing while you set home in your house enjoying your family and the material possessions you have been blessed with.

Am I complaining? No, I am not. But it is so amazing to me that I see comments with absolutely no foundation being thrown about. Let me tell you something about the average Pastor in an average sized church.

When there is no money for supplies he buys, when there is no money for a family in need he gives, when there is no money for utility bills he takes it out of his salary, when the church needs painted he does it, when the toilets are stopped up he cleans them, when he is accused of not doing enough he does more. Yep, sure sounds like a guy who needs to be criticized for trying to take care of his family. Read the Bible listen to the Holy Spirit and take care of your Pastor. I respect everyones opinion but you cant comment if your not going through the experience of working in the secular then working harder for t he kingdom and raising a family.

By the way next time you visit your doctor tell him you need to be treated for free. Excellent point, Cesar. After all, Jesus healed for free too. He also fed people for free, so we should not pay for our food.

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Yes we can comment. You are working for GOD when you pastor, not man. Please do not compare church work to secular work. In that respect a pastor is no different than any other human being striving to use their God given gift to make a positive impact on the world in which we live. It is not what we do that determines if we are working for God it is how we do it — are we moving through our day in a way that reflects the values taught by Jesus. I am confused by those who would rather see a pastor hold a second job to provide for his financial needs than be fully focused on helping others come to a true understanding of Christ and what he lived and died for.

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There is no piety in poverty and a good pastor should be free from financial worry as should anyone who works hard to contribute. I guess at the end of the day I would rather see an honest pastor living in the lap of luxury than watching those that do nothing to contribute to the spiritual well being of our world do so.

I guess in that logic no Christian should ever get paid because they are working for the Lord. How would you like that?