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Why has he got his own page? And try the Jack Blackjack series as well…. Introducing Simon Puttock, newly appointed to the post of bailiff. When investigating a death in a burned out house, Sir Baldwin Furnshill, a local lord of the manor, suggests that the man was murdered. When a passing abbot is also burned to death, Simon must find the killer and bring them to justice. Agatha Kyteler, healer or witch? When she is murdered, the inhabitants of the village of Wefford comes suspicion.

One way to escape your ties to the lord of the manor was to set yourself up as a tin miner.

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Simon and Baldwin, in the area to act as peace-keepers, find themselves chasing a killer and preventing more bloodshed. A band of mercenaries have come to Crediton but the leader claims that he has been robbed of his silver. But how could so much silver have been taken by the person accused. Soon a body is found. Is it related to the theft? And are there more deaths to come? Not even a decapitated corpse with the head completely missing can stop the fair, but the events started by the return of a long-exiled son of the town might do.

He will be executed for his crimes if he is discovered — but has his return prompted someone else to murder? A local merchant has been murdered. While there is a clear suspect, someone in town is starting rumours that a leper was the killer.

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Roger, Squire of Throwleigh, lies dead and his five year old son Herbert inherits his title. Soon, new visitors are flocking to the Throwleigh estate and Herbert is found dead, apparently run over by a cart. Who would — or could — kill a five year old boy? Despite the surprisingly large number of people with a motive, this time, it seems that the truth may be just too elusive. Naughty Nuns! Sorry, Michael.

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This tends not to make her too popular with her cohorts and soon she is found dead. If he strays from the road, then he can be legally killed. Soon both Philip and a rich knight lie dead — the assumption is that they killed each other.

But if that is the case, where did the money go? Christmas and Ralph Glover, glovemaker to the Bishop of Exeter, has been murdered on the eve of a celebration at the cathedral. In the Spring of , a tournament is coming to Oakhampton.

But Benjamin Dudenay, a moneylender is murdered, and on the eve of the tournament itself, Wymond Carpenter, charged with building the stands and an associate of Dudenay is found with identical injuries. As the tensions in the tournament mount, it seems that someone is intent on not limiting the violence to the arena. Seven years earlier, a young girl was brutally murdered in the village of Sticklepath and her brother cursed the village.

Now it seems that the curse is in full effect — the village is plagued by a sanguisugae — a vampire. But it seems the killer is still hungry…. Simon is enlisted by the Abbot of Tavistock to get to the bottom of thefts from the Abbey. He soon discovers a undercurrent of hatred amongst the community, stemming from a terrible crime from the past on the Scottish borders — a crime that some people were a part of.

But when a savage murder takes place, he finds himself doubting that he can find the killer.

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As the winter of descends upon a windswept chapel on the edge of Dartmoor, who could blame the young priest, Father Mark, for seeking affection from Mary, the miller's daughter? But when Mary, and her unborn child, are found dead, Mark is the obvious suspect. Could one of Mary's many admirers have murdered her in a fit of jealousy?

Or might it be someone even closer to home? Baldwin Furnshill and Bailiff Simon Puttock have been granted leave to go on pilgrimage. Together they travel across Europe to Portugal, but danger seems to follow them, as they are among the first on the scene when a beautiful young girl is found brutally raped and murdered on the hillside of Santiago de Compostela. Baldwin and Simon lend their investigative skills to the ensuing enquiry headed by the local pesquisidore, Munio. Forty years ago, Exeter's Cathedral Close was the scene of a vicious ambush. Afterwards, the bodies left lying in their blood bore witness to the conflicts tearing at the heart of the cathedral itself.

Today, in , murder is again polluting the Cathedral Close - but this killer is not so easily caught.

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The victim, Henry Potell, was feared and hated; he held secrets that some wished to keep hidden It seems that Hugh must have perished in a dreadful accident - but appearances can be deceptive. Knights Templar 32 books in series. The Merchant's Partner Publisher's Summary. Book 1. Not Available on Audible. Book 2.

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