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He figured that he was going to be an entertainer. In , at age 5, he got a job singing on a radio show in his hometown of Pittsburgh. Charlie who?

I really should have kept in touch with him. He enlisted in the Air Force during the Korean War. When he finished basic training, he was given a choice: Become a driver in the motor pool or go to school to learn to be a met tech meteorological technician. He chose the latter because it sounded more interesting.

Once out of the Air Force, he tried his hand at show business, but struggled to find acting roles. It was suggested to him that his voice seemed ideally suited to broadcasting. I heard back from one — a radio station in Helena, Mont. In addition to announcing, he was expected to run the sound board, something for which he had no training or experience. A few months later, a TV station in Missoula, Mont. In those days, a live announcer came on between shows to deliver ads and promote upcoming programs.

The Weather Man

A month after he arrived, the owner of the station, who wanted to localize the regional weather service forecasts, sent out a memo to the staff: Does anybody know anything about weather? So I peeked at the audience. As he worked his way up the ladder to larger TV markets, he made a stop in Las Vegas. Realizing that he had an appreciation for all things silly, stars from the casino shows started crashing his segments.

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Clips of those encounters, which involved the likes of Sammy Davis Jr. His stint in Minnesota was interrupted in by a job he took in Washington, D. After a stop in Detroit, he returned to the Twin Cities to work at Ch. He thinks the 30, figure is achievable.

I want to help others. Easy money. As the weight of a heavy conscience becomes too much to bear, the outlook for tomorrow becomes increasingly dark, with a storm brewing on the horizon. O'Hare's first black comedy-drama in our season shines a light on complicity and its intriguing web of secrets and lies woven behind closed doors.

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The Weather Man

Support and FAQs. Sign Up. Dave's problem is that he is never able to find the right note, the appropriate gesture, and correct behavior, try as he does. Perhaps he tries too hard.

The Weatherman

Perhaps he is always trying, and people sense it. His wife is not an unreasonable woman, and allows Dave access to the children. But she is amazed that, at this point, Dave seriously expects them to remarry. The girl, meanwhile, puts on weight, and the boy's counselor wants the kid to take off his shirt for some photos. Does all of this make for a good movie? I think so -- absorbing, morbidly fascinating.

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One of the trade papers calls it "one of the biggest downers to emerge from a major studio in recent memory -- an overbearingly glum look at a Chicago celebrity combing through the emotional wreckage of his life. Must movies not be depressing?

Must major studios not release them if they are? Another trade paper faults the movie for being released by Paramount, when it "probably should have been made by Paramount Classics.

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For this is a Sundance film gussied up with studio production values and big stars. I find this reasoning baffling. Are major stars not allowed to appear in offbeat character studies?

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Is it wrong for a "Sundance film" to have "studio production values? His previous film, " Lord of War ," was also about an off-the-map character. Should he stick with films like " National Treasure "? Before that he made " Matchstick Men " and " Adaptation ," both brilliant, but "Matchstick" was criticized because it was directed by a big name, Ridley Scott , while "Adaptation" was by the indie Spike Jonze.

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  • Both invaluable movies. The film was directed by Gore Verbinski , who previously made "Pirates of the Caribbean," and now is making the " Pirates " sequels.

    How dare he take time off to make an art film? And yet this film has moments of uncommon observation and touching insight.