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Realtors disagree on how many homes require staging. Combined with a LeadSite , these techniques can help your business grow. Get everything you need to prepare for the perfect open house exhibit through LeadSites.

What is staging?

Learn More. These are just a few of the personal items you should consider packing away during the selling process. People want to be able to easily imagine the home as their own.

Avoid These Mistakes When Selling Your Home

Some ideas:. Buyers are usually looking for tons of storage space. Have a flyer available describing all the information regarding the local school. This will create a bigger feeling to every room in the house. These are frugal fixes that can increase the value of the home. This helps buyers easily imagine living at the property. This will make the room look bigger and more spacious. But this is not the time for that.

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You want to fill the house with at least watt bulbs to make it look brighter and bigger. The pad will make the carpet feel much more luxurious.

You can rent storage facilities very cheaply and will have to move the items regardless. By moving them ahead of time, you increase the appearance of storage space and increase the value of your property. These items will take up space and crowd the view.

Spaces That Speak Home Staging

Showings can happen at any time. Be sure to have your sellers keep the fish and strong spices at a minimum. They can be a turn off! Also, grind some lemon rind into the disposal. Get rid of kitchen odors by pouring hot salt water down the drain twice a week.

5 home staging rules to get your house off the market

Try using baking soda and other pet cleaning devices to remove any odd smells from furniture and carpeting. Did we miss any home staging ideas that work magic for you? I am convinced that staging is vital to a speedy and successful home sale.

Majestic Home Styling is proud to have worked with

My home was on the market just six days when the offer was presented, which I accepted. Furthermore, the quality of staging is essential.

Anita and StageWorks chose the perfect furniture and staging layout to transform my home into a beautiful and inviting space. She and her team were always professional.

Home Staging Tips Room by Room

They communicated fully and often. I am convinced that StageWorks was a key factor in selling my home quickly at a good price. If you are looking to stage a property, we highly recommend Anita Rockwell with StageWorks. Her company has staged several homes for us and has always done a wonderful job.

They have great furniture, reasonable pricing and lots of different options to suit your budget including a pay at close option. Thank you for the wonderful staging of my house.

Staging A Home: What’s The Big Deal?

You have a terrific eye for design and spaces. I was initially skeptical, but your staging made all the difference in showing the house. After 30 years, it was pretty cluttered and over filled. Your staging took advantage of the windows, making the house look more open and bright, adding an attractive design character to the house. I have never written a letter of recommendation before but have been compelled to do so for Anita and her Stageworks family. I am now convinced that staging our home played a major role in achieving a quick sale. The first potential buyer made an offer above the price we were considering asking.

This home was never even officially put on the market. Having beautiful furniture and accessories professionally arranged made a huge difference in the atmosphere of the house. The staging and de-staging were completed as promised.