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This beautiful 9 x12" book contains more than full-color illustrations and is a must for any Schmucker art collector or postcard collector. Robert Bogdan and Todd Weseloh draw on extensive research and observation to address all aspects of the photo postcard from its history, origin, and cultural significance to practical matters like dating, purchasing, condition, and preservation. Illustrated with over exceptional photo postcards taken from archives and private collections across the country, the scope of the Real Photo Postcard Guide spans technical considerations of production, characteristics of superior images, collecting categories, and methods of research for dating photo postcards and investigating their photographers.

In a broader sense, the authors show how "real photo postcards" document the social history of America. From family outings and workplace awards to lynchings and natural disasters, every image captures a moment of American cultural history from the society that generated them. Bogdan and Weseloh's book provides an admirable integration of informative text and compelling photographic illustrations.

Collectors, archivists, photographers, photo historians, social scientists, and anyone interested in the visual documentation of America will find the Real Photo Postcard Guide indispensable. Richard W. This page volume is designed to provide both an introduction to all U. The first of two sections explores all U. Each subject is carefully explained and well illustrated, and the discussion includes comments on the market value for each postmark type.

The chapter on Machine Cancels includes a simple technique that enables the reader to make a rapid identification of the manufacturer of nearly all machine cancels of the period. Part II discusses the major ways in which U. The book wraps up with a Glossary of Postal History Terms; four Appendices providing specific data on the subjects of U. Thomas O. This new version is produced in digital format, to view on your computer using Adobe Reader a free on-line download , or print for your own personal use.

The Birth and Development of American Postcards. The volume is illustrated extensively with pictures of all major types and varieties of Pioneer Postcards, and is the result of over 10 years of determined research by the author. His work offers the first historical glimpse into this murky past with sensitivity, clarity, and an organizational framework that ties many loose ends together. The book chronicles some of the early struggles of our nation and draws from several fields of inquiry including postal history, printing, and illustrating.

The role of the U. Postal Service is critically examined and several conclusions are drawn. The author provides two chapters that carefully guide us through the many growth stages of American Pioneer Postcards and finishes with a Comprehensive Catalog. Chapter 1 discusses the Early Pioneer Postcard Period from and includes both privately printed postcards and government postal cards.

Detailed explanations and numerous illustrations clarify the development of various types of Pioneer Postcards including Business Advertising, Correspondence, Expositions, Souvenir Views, and Topicals. Postal Service is critically examined and several conclusions drawn. The volume provides collectors with relatively complete checklists of the postcards published during the Classic Pioneer Period.

Rost, M. Postcard overprints are cross referenced with their original listings in the Comprehensive Catalog Chapter 3. This book provides detailed explanations and illustrations which clarify the development of the four types of Pioneer Postcards including Advertising, Correspondence, Expositions, Souvenir Views, and Topicals with an invaluable history, catalog, and price guide to early American Postcards that were printed between and Linen Postcards, Images of the American Dream.

Lorenzo Mott is a career diplomat and holds the position of Italian Consul for Philadelphia. They approach the subject of Linen postcards from markedly different perspectives. Mott focuses on theoretical concepts and discusses Linen postcards as prime examples of a pure form of American Art. Werther considers the cards for the visual impact of graphic, architectural, and color characteristics, and for the technical qualities of production and variations among manufacturers. Their accomplished and widely traveled backgrounds, in concert with unique philosophical outlooks, has resulted in the creation of this rich, broad-based book.

Over high quality color images, offering 25 categories of Linen postcards, are included. Chapters on evaluation of cards, collecting information, care of Linen cards, and descriptions of manufacturers and distributors provide invaluable information for both the beginner and experienced collector. Insight is provided on the creation and manufacturing of the early Linen postcards with a prime example of one of Curt Teich's Linen cards, showing the development process. Well-known Linen postcard columnist, collector, and dealer, Don Preziosi provides the book forward.

An interview with Larry Tichnor, last surviving of three brothers who operated Colourpicture in Cambridge, Massachusetts is included. Tichnor generously provided information about the climate of production of Linen postcards as well as insights into many technical areas. Standard Edition: The authors maintained and even expanded their interest in great Linens.

Werther and Mott were excited with their Linen acquisitions and reproduced a selected cross section of exceptional cards and Stunners in color in this heavy weight paper addendum. The Encyclopedia of Antique Postcards.

Susan Brown Nicholson : Covers everything you ever wanted to know about postcards, from starting a collection to becoming a dealer. Plus, it provides in-depth coverage of more than collecting categories, complete with prices for each category. Offers comprehensive information on restoration, preservation and framing. Includes more than 1, photos of postcards for easy identification. Ideal for beginning and advanced collectors alike. Oregon Historic Images.

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Helbock : Contains high resolution dpi tiff images of real photo postcards dating from through the s from the State of Oregon. These represent the cream of a collection assembled over a period of two decades by Richard Helbock and feature numerous classic small town street scenes; early 20th century transportation including river steamers, stage coaches, and horse drawn wagons ; and classic post offices. The collection is heavily weighted toward views from the Oregon coast from Astoria to Brookings. All images are available at dpi and should be suitable for making 8xinch prints.

Directory: Alaska Postcards, John H.

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More than 10, Alaska postcards were published prior to , and this book identifies many of the rare types, including private mailing cards, real photo postcards, hand-colored types, and more. The directory first lists the the Alaska publisher, then the printer's name.

If a publisher is unknown, the cards are listed by printer. An index of publishers and printers is included for easy reference. The book contains background information on many of the early Alaska publishers, and additional information about their cards is provided as well. A rarity factor is shown for each card, based on the author's 35 years of experience in collecting Alaska postcards, and studying other major collections.

Raphael Kirchner and His Postcards. The checklist is divided into three distinct periods which reflect his life and career influences. The collector is aided by three indexes and a price guide that converts prices into five currencies, along with a stunning and abundant array of postcards reproduced both in color and in black and white.

A British Hero: Donald McGill

Jerry S. This book is dedicated to the history of motorcycles as seen on pre postcards. Postcard collectors and motorcycle lovers will be fascinated by the range of material that was available in the last century and is now portrayed in this unique book. More than full color images are shown, and you don't even have be a motorcycle lover to enjoy them.

With the tremendous growth in the popularity of motorcycles, and the huge interest in postcard collecting, this book would make a wonderful addition to anyone's library. All cycles are identified, with descriptive text and historical data. Country News "The Beautiful Mystery is an ingenious, sinister new novel".

Ballarat Courier "Here is a good old-fashioned detective yarn with a believable plot, charming characters, a fascinating location and enough red herrings to keep the reader alert". Herald Sun "One of the joys of detective fiction". Where nothing is as it seems. Behind every smile there lurks a sneer. Inside every sweet relationship there hides a broken heart.

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  • And even when facts are slowly exposed, it is no longer clear to Gamache and his team if what they've found is the truth, or simply a trick of the light. Kirkus Review 'Penny, elevating herself to the pantheon that houses P.

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    James, Ruth Rendell and Minette Walters, demonstrates an exquisite touch with characterization, plotting and artistic sensitivity. Publishers Weekly 'Outstanding Penny effectively employs James, Penny shows how the tight structure of the classical mystery story can accommodate a wealth of deeply felt emotions and interpersonal drama. Top of the genre.

    With her smart plot and fascinating, nuanced characters, Penny proves again that she is one of our finest writers. For connoisseurs of mysteries, success is judged by the genre's holy trinity: plot, people and prose. When all three attain excellence, a fourth quality shines through: power.. Penny continues to amaze with each novel.

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    Wrapped in exciting plots and domestic details, her characters are people we want to follow through their very real joys and sorrows. Wonderful, complex characters and sophisticated plotting makes this a perfect book. Do not miss it.