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Things that weigh 25 pounds

I'd prefer if the list auto-updated by most recently used, and the oldest one just scrolled off when you use a new one. But this is a minor issue, as most trips don't involve more than 10 different currencies. Wondering if you can implement the ability to add and display a second conversion or even a third to help with trending.

It shows exactly who's news to look for when a spike or drop is happening. Another suggestion is to add in the commission rates either down with the trade equation where the fee shows 0. Or somewhere within the profile. Always flipping back to the comparison tool in the app. One time it proved there was an issue that was fixed next day but it would be nice too see it during the live calculation during the trade.

Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview.

Convert Scientific Data into Synthesized Music | Make:

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description XE-perience currency on the go — from rates to charts to global money transfers, XE puts all your currency needs into one app! Sep 27, Version 6. How about the gentle splashing of raindrops, the soothing sound of falling water, or the roar of surf?

These appealing natural sounds provide only a hint of the vast range of musical compositions hidden away in many kinds of data.

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Various methods for making sounds from data are available. Jonathan Middleton is assistant professor of theory and composition in the music department at Eastern Washington University, where he teaches composition, orchestration, and computer music. While exploring ways to transform data into music, I discovered Dr. MusicAlgorithms requires a Java-enabled computer. Transforming a string of numbers into music is simple; you can either type or paste a series of numbers into the program. Fig The MusicAlgorithms web tool displays a piano keyboard over a range of selectable options for instrument selection, tempo, and volume.

A pointer on the scale below the keyboard keeps track of progress. Click the Play button to hear the 10 notes you have composed. Keep playing these notes while using the sliders to adjust the volume and tempo. Then let the fun begin by selecting from the pull-down menu of synthesized instruments and sounds.

For example, MusicAlgorithms will convert a year of your daily minimum and maximum temperatures into a remarkable audio experience that will provide an entirely new way to appreciate your data. If you have no scientific data, try converting your daily expenses or bank balance into music. You might be surprised by what you hear. A goldmine of data is scattered across the web. For example, my local National Weather Service station near San Antonio, Texas, provides monthly and annual precipitation data since and temperature since Manik: also consider your rights against the solicitor who acted for you on your purchase.

If his work was negligent, you still have time to whop him and make him pay all costs of putting-right his errors. Public advice is believed accurate, but I accept no legal responsibility except to direct-paying private clients. Like magic really!!

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Solicitor ceased to trade Hi, I'm in a similar position - considering pursuing a solicitor for negligence for conveyancing done in Nov I started thinking about this at the beginning of the year but it has been a wild goose chase as they are no longer trading. I can't get to the files, I have pursued the firm that say they have them the original firm split into two. Does anyone have any advice? I'm going to call the SRA because there is little I can find on possible disputes against solicitors that are no longer.

Anyone on here have a clue?! If it or its then predecessor intervened in the firm now closed, it will have deputed an Intervention Agent to deal with all files; so it should know where they are now deposited. Hi, Thanks for your comments. I'm in contact with the other victim in this mess - the leaseholder for the second property.

The basic investigation we've done suggests that the developer may no longer exist as their previous address has disappeared. It seems they are registered on a different address in companies house but haven't filed any accounts which doesn't seem positive. Also, the solicitor who did the conveyancing for the other leaseholder have also closed down. I've managed to get email details for the solicitor who did my conveyancing from Law society site and emailed them today but have had no response.

In respect of the council, they seem pretty set on prosecuting and get flats converted back into one house. Not sure how this affects us two separate leaseholders and the mortagages we have. Jeffrey - we may need to engage with you to discuss the feasibility of going after at least my solicitor who did the conveyancing. Originally posted by Manik View Post. Originally posted by jeffrey View Post. Whilst I can certainly advise re who did what, and what should have been done, I do not handle litigation etc. Manik, you need an expert in planning law. If you ask around local builders and ask, off the record Building Control, they may provide some names.

It looks from your words "what they are suggesting to do after they prosecute" they I am assume is the council.

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  8. If I am correct in that then really work hard on building a one to one relationship with an officer becuase it is in both parties interest to settle matters as soon as possible becuase they like you, have other things to do!! Keep accurate diary and accurate records!!! Is it not criminal "fraud"???? Chat local boys in blue. Whilst not resolving your primary issue may make you feel better!! Hi, It seems the Council is keen to ensure the Enforcement notice takes affect and wrote to us on 8th Nov stating that the Notice for the property takes effect on 9th Dec and so need to appeal by than.

    “Shimla Town Hall’s” Dignity Restored as High Court Bars its Conversion into Govt Office

    Also, the council has written to the mortgage company as well who have their own solicitors on the case. They've contacted my convenyancing solicitor and take the files off him. When i contacted the mortgage companies firm, they advice for what its worth was to get my own solicitor and think about doing my own appeal even though they are thinking about it themselves. Spoke to an architect the guy who did the actual floor drawings for the two flats in fact and he suggests to do holding appeal in with request for a personal hearing to delay matters if possible and so get time to consider next steps.

    Obvioulsy he's keen to put the appeal in for us, attend the hearings and submit a retrospective planning application in mid when it becomes 4 years since our purchase. Not sure what to do and have a lot of questions? Can the Enforcement appeal be done by us rather than using the architect has he's own people and seems to be doing other appeals relating to LB Newham cases and is clearly a money maker for him?