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GI benefits were lacking.

This special day was added to our national holidays when the President signed into law The Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of As a proud partner of the United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration, an organizationally based, hometown centric, veteran-focused program designed for federal, state, and local organizations to assist a grateful nation in thanking and honoring our Vietnam Veterans and their families where they live and work, the LDVA will be making sure that our state remembers and honors these brave men and women.

People from around the state are welcome to attend this celebration, including Vietnam Veterans, families, service men and women from across generations and branches of service, Gold Star families, and veteran service organizations. As part of their long-delayed welcome home, Vietnam Veterans will be recognized, and receive commemorative pins, bumper stickers, and thanks from attendees and guests. The LDVA recognizes that our nation is forever indebted to our Vietnam Veterans and encourages everyone to come out and thank these men and women on March Choose a benefit category.

Vietnam veterans hold a silent march down Pennsylvania Avenue past the White House here on April 22, Celebrations aside, the government also failed to make good on its promises to those who served. Veterans returning from Vietnam were met with an institutional response marked by indifference.

He graduated from Notre Dame prior to being commissioned, and after his service returned to law school to cash in his educational benefits.

Choose a benefit category.

Protestors demonstrate for full benefits for all US veterans, including Vietnam War veterans in July, Part of the reason was economic. While the economy after World War II was one of the most robust in American history, during and after Vietnam the nation was in a death spiral of stagflation and economic malaise. And as more and more wartime atrocities came to light, there was a national implication of guilt and shame placed on Vietnam veterans as participants in and avatars of a brutal, unsuccessful war.

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In popular culture, the stereotype of the broken, homeless Vietnam vet began to take hold thanks to films like The Deer Hunter , Coming Home and First Blood In Vietnam veterans march down Constitution Avenue toward the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which would be dedicated later that day. Posted on Oct 7, October 7, 4 comments 2k views. Posted on Oct 6, October 3, 8 comments 7k views.

Posted on Oct 2, October 1, 2 comments 14k views. Still no comment from VA on why only a very, very few vets were notified. The VA certainly has no problem sending me bills. My father was a proud Vietnam Veteran. He shared stories with us about coming home to angry mobs of people, spitting on them and wanting to fight them.

My dad recently passed away at the age of 67, due to Agent Orange and contracting many diseases that go along with it. It is a shame that these heroes have been and are disgraced in the eyes of the VA and government. My dad fought to receive benefits for years only to be denied. His breathing was laborous, and he fought for every breath until the day he passed.

He finally was diagnosed with a heart disease that is on the list, and eventually it took his life. Mom and I have fought for his benefits since he has passed. It pains my mom every time going to the VA because we have to relive his passing.

Mom is finally receiving DIC benefits from his cause of death, but we are still fighting for his backpay when he first applied after being diagnosed with CAD. It has been almost 3 years now and the VA keeps sending us more and more paperwork to fill out. I wonder how he can be diagnosed with a disease, be the death of him, get pension after, but not when he first applied?

I am thankful for his service and him being my hero, but wonder why it took 50 years to recognize this? Also, why our government and VA are still fighting to keep from honoring them? Do the right thing! My dad finally went home, he is with GOD now. I had a problem with the VA in Orlando Fl. It is not a little problem. I have made contact with all of the people I know of to contact with no results. My first contact was with the Patient Advocate in the Hospital office this woman is supposed to be the person that are supposed to help resolve problems but she made more problems.

I told her I went to enrollment and signed the form. My original complaint took 21 days for the Doctor to get back to me by way of a Nurse. The Doctor is supposed to get back to you in three days. It was at that time I requested a new Doctor I would check with the enrollment Office to see if a New Doctor had been assigned I was being told every time I inquired at the enrollment office if there was any word on a new Doctor I was told it would take 3 to 6 months to get a new Doctor.

Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day

So I contacted My Senator Marco Rubio that was a waste of time I never received a response to my complaint from him or any one in his office. I then contacted Veterans Administration Inspector Generals office.

Welcome Home Vietnam Veteran ~ A Tribute To You All

After several weeks without any contact from his Office I called, I was told that they had to give them 30 days to reply to there investigation, I informed the person it was over 30 days. She informed me she would get back to me on Monday that was about three weeks ago I still am waiting for a return call from that office. My wife called the VA to cancel a different appointment I had with a different clinic and ask about me getting an appointment with a Doctor she was transferred to another person that said they would make an appointment with a Doctor that I needed to be seen.

I was given an appointment for February 9, So from start to finish it took from the May 28, to February 9, for me to see a Doctor. I requested medications and some I got other were expired so I was out of those medications. This is all documented by me every contact I had with the VA and all others. Please forgive my Typing and punctuation I am not a secretary as you can see. Gerald Dixon Thank you in Advance for your consideration. Today is April 7, I have not received any correspondence from anyone I have named in this document.

Zenoba L. God Bless, I received a great deal of insight reading these replies. I thought I was the only spouse that was disappointed and frustrated with the revolving circles of dealing with The Department of Veterans Affairs. I wonder how was it possible to name the V. Was in artillary u.

Proud of it! Did my duty. Got spat on. Jose A. Lopez M. April 1, at pm. I am a Viet Nam Vet. I was 21, now I am 72,.

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  7. Have lived in Venezuela South America for the past 32 years. I know that war was hell, many bad memories, we all learn to live with it, the VA help me to get over it. Many thanks to all the people in the VA. Specially the Houston Regional Office. Sounds like the decision to do this was mired in the VA appeal process With so many others.

    Vietnam Veterans: "Thank you and welcome home." - VAntage Point

    Getting that backlog cleared would be a REAL thank you. A drafted infantry veteran Thanks to ALL who served on land, in the rivers and off shore of Vietnam. It was a bad time for us when we came home, but we did what we were sent to do. That needs to change NOW.

    No 'Welcome Home' parades for Vietnam vets.

    Agent Orange, is what they want you to focus on.. Agent Blue is the bad guy.. Mc Donald must choose to add Bladder Cancer to the presumptive list soon. They reccomend Bladder Cancer. There were also agents white and pink.. I think this may be the end of any future changes.. And true to themselves..